TTXGP is the worlds strongest and most recognisable green motorsport brand and marries the thrills associated with racing with a social conscience and the result is the birth of the next generation of motorsport. An incredibly valuable sponsorship commodity, TTXGP provides mass appeal but also addresses corporate social responsibility requirements. Working with TTXGP offers amazing branding opportunities, hospitality options and great PR.

Firstly TTXGP is a powerful racing brand with the very best minds on clean motoring technology in the world gathering to compete at some of the Worlds best known venues. Our mantra is mainstream and sexy not niche and limited to academics. TTXGP provides the thrill of open competition, speed, and world leading teams as a result had instant international appeal from its launch at the Isle of Man TT, in June 2009. TTXGP proved to be a hit with mainstream racing fans who love the futuristic designs of zero carbon motorsports and the prototype machines brought to the track by passionate and devoted teams but also attracted new fans to motorsport.

The track is placed on the small island between Ireland and England called Isle of Man, also called The Road Racing Capital of the World

The track is 60.72 km (37.733 miles) long and 2009 the winning team Agni motors completed the track on 25 minutes 53 seconds. The overall average speed was 140km (87.4mph) from a standing start. The team states that the top speed of the bike they won with has an top speed of about 200 km/h (120 mph)