11 Jun 2010 12:06 R.I.P Martin

Some people instantly makes a strong impression. When we arrived to the Isle of Man we met Martin, a 47 year old professor from Austria with his electric bike. He and his students have developed the motor, batteries and the frame of the bike. They designed the frame as a big aluminum "box", and it looks like nothing else.

In order to be qualified as a rider for the TT Zero, you have to complete the track faster than a specific time with a petrol bike. Martin had a rider, but wanted to do it by himself. Sadly, during one of the qualification races there was an accident and he died.

We have spent a lot of time with him and it's hard to understand he is gone. Our thoughts goes to his family and friends.

Rest In Peace, Martin

Regarding the TT Zero race, we had the same type of problem this time. Something is still wrong with the controller and/or motor. We got slightly more than halfway, then the power just got low. There were still a lot of battery power left, more than needed to complete the race. The Motoczysz bike won the race, with an average speed of about 96 mph. This means that there is still a reward to pick up for the first team who pass 100mph in average speed.

Me and Peter want's to thank everybody how helped us to make our dream come true: To start the isle of man TT Zero!! Special thanks to:

Celltech AB
Kent Persson KP Metall form
Folke Persson Celltech
Mats Nilsson Aircode
Löörs Lacktyl (Best paintjob in paddock)
Pekka Nyström
Rickard Lindh
Johan stigefelt
Fredrik stigefelt
Mikael Larsson Team Cresto/Guide world supersport
Chris Palmer Our god rider

And everybody that have followed our amazing trip and supported us trough the website!!!
Thanks again to help us to live our dream!!!!

Who knows, next year Bumblebee will be back with new wings?

Lars Nilsson Team manager
SERT Racing

9 Jun 2010 15:06 Raindrops are falling on our heads...

It's raining like hell, so all races are cancelled today. In the meantime you can watch a videoclip from Bumblebees roadtrip. Lucky for us, we found a beer tent in the paddock :-) Now we feel good and confident about the race.

8 Jun 2010 20:06 Bumblebee is flying again!

A new shiny motor arrived in time, and the bike is back together again after many hours of hard work. We have done all adjustment they way we think it will work, tomorrow we will see if we did it right... The rear shocker was a bit strange after the last race, and we fixed it today. The bikes gets really beaten up on the track. Yesterday the seat unit on Chris bike broke, and two bolts stood up in his... He continued to drive 2 more laps. He is not a weak guy :-) Today Alex came over, a friend to Lasse. He will help us drink some beer and will see some racing first time tomorrow.

7 Jun 2010 20:06 Problem solving...

We have now found out what the reason was for the stop yesterday: the magnet in the motor seems to be demagnetized. We dont't know why, but our supplier PERM managed to quickly assemble a new motor and ship it with some megasuperexpresspriority, so it went from Germany today at 16:00, will go through UK and be here at noon tomorrow. We will not tell you how much that costs...

We will put the bike together tomorrow afternoon/night, and the race is next day. This means no time for adjustments, but we think there still is a chance to get through the track in a good way. Today the Motoczysz bike set a new record for electric bikes; about 98mph in average. The first team who reach 100mph in average win 10 000 pounds. Their bike look like a spaceship, very cool.

The latest days we have been pushing or driving Bumblebee through the crowd, and it gets a lot of attention. It looks like a normal bike, and the green color is very appreciated. When we are driving it, it's very hard to get through the crowd, since it's so quiet.

Right now we are having some beers celebrating my birthday. Yesterday me, Mats and Lasse went out in Douglas for some really nice food and champagne. Today we were up and working at 7:00 o'clock. Not. Tomorrow will be an interesting day. And it's the shower day. Nice :-)

Good night!

6 Jun 2010 17:06 First qualifying race

Yesterday we did our first race on the track. We were about 10 bikes to start, including Agni Motors who won last year and Motoczysz who have spent a couple of millions developing their bike. Halfway through the race we were on third place, and the bike went really well. Suddenly something happened and Chris had to pull to the side. Our average speed so far was 80mph/124kmh, which could be much better. Agni finished first at about 99mph and Motoczysz at about 97 (halfway). They had to push the bike up the latest hill though. Someone said that they are only able to use 30% of their motorpower, if they use more they will drain the batteries too soon. It would be cool to see it doing 100% :-)

We have been working hard to find out what the problem is, and it seems to be a software problem. We still had battery power left, and nothing was overheated. Regarding the batteries we will put back the 2 packs again, just to be sure.

Today it's sunday, but our friends/competitors Ecolve helped us get in contact with PG, the manufacturer of the motor controller. They will be ready to send a engineer and a replacement unit by tomorrow if needed. Will will first reset the software and see if it helps.

The rules for qualifying were changed, so we are already qualified.

Tomorrow will be an exiting day. Again. We will see if we can get the bike up and running, and it's my birthday!


5 Jun 2010 10:06 Update

Early last thursday Mats Nilsson took us through the track in a Ford Fiesta. He made that little car do things I thought were impossible. Take a look at the videoclip
After passing several cars in corners with no clear sight he told us that the road only is open in our direction. Funny :-) The nature around the track is really nice, both up in the hills and through the villages. There are bumps, bridges, sharp corners all over and it's unbelivable to hear how they drive here. We came along a narrow road which seemed to end in a big wall. When we came closer we saw that there was a sharp turn to the left. "- You have full throttle in 6th gear to that lamppost, then 5th through the corner and then 6 again" Mats said. The ride was an incredible experience and he should start having it as an attraction for rich tourists.

Later that day me, Lasse, Chris and Mats took the bike for a test run in the hills. This was the first time Chris tested it and he liked it a lot. Even if it is slightly heavier that the bikes he is used to, the handling was really good. Everything worked fine, except we have expected more top speed. The winner last year completed the track in 25 minutes, and after 42 minutes of hard test driving we had a lot of battery left. After that we removed 2 packs which is totally 25kg. Here are some pictures from the test.

We saw our first test run with petrol bikes and it was soooo cool! A very strange feeling where people are sitting and standing close to the track, where bikes are passing in 2-300 kmh and a single mistake will probably be the last you do. Here is a short clip on a old man sitting outside his house in the middle of Douglas. Insane, really insane.

Yesterday we had a test at Jurby airfield where we continued to optimize the settings. The bike has been really good mechanically all the time, it's only setting in the motor controller we have been optimizing. Since the first run we have noticed that the power seems to come and go in different rpms and we have not understood why. After many phonecalls with our suppliers we found out that there are many features in the controller that limits the power to be sure that the motor don't get damaged. That is good in a consumer product, but we want the motor to glow and the controller on fire when we pass the finishline as the winner. Today it is planned to have our first Qualifying run on the track at 17:40 local time. At the moment there is a lot of mist, so we don't know if it will happen or not.

Frank at Amadeusphotography.com has added more pictures to his homepage, take a look here

Over and out.

2 Jun 2010 13:06 Stuck...

Our adventures continues... This morning we were supposed to go for the photo shoot at the airport. The weather swithes between sunny and rain, so the ground is a bit wet. After 3 meters the front wheels of our van were deep in the mud. After a while we found a big yellow thing that pulled us up. Two hours late we showed up at the aitport. We met some very nice firefighters and they did a short satefy traing before we started to take the photos. Frank from Amadeusphotography will give us the pictures later today, so they will be uploaded later tonight or tomorrow. On friday we will have 3 hours "straight line testing" between 10:00 - 13:00 local time. On saturday we have the first qualifying run on the track, and on monday (my birthday!) it's the second. The final will be at 16:30 on the 9th.

1 Jun 2010 17:06 Rain...

Today we woke up with a big crasch, our tent on the side of the mobile home was full of water and went to 1000 pieces. We have spent a few hours to get a adapter cable so we can get some power. Nice to have if your in to electric racing :-) The sun came back a while ago, and we are having a very good time. The famous Mats Nilsson is in the team and we met him first time today. He has done some spectacular driving a few years ago, and tomorrow he will take us through the track in a car. One thing is sure: if you think the track is tough when you see it on Youtube, you can't imagine how it is in real life! Small streets with sidewalks, lamps and mailboxes... going full throttle in 6th gear. Over 300km/h!

We met Frank from www.amadeusphotography.com and he took some great pictures. Take a look at his homepage. Tomorrow he has arranged with an airfield and the firefighters to set up a cool background for a good picture. They will put a "training-plane" on fire and spray water on it. Wicked.
Take care!

31 May 2010 12:05 The Bumblebee has arrived to the Isle of Man!

Sorry for the late update, we had some problems getting access to the Internet. Perfect weather and really nice neighbours. TT Zero has it’s own section in the paddock and our closest neighbours Ecolve from England has a motorhome sized as a house. Yesterday we had a barbecue with them and discussed amps, fotball and the meaning of life.

Here are some pictures from the Dover – Calais ferry…

Here is a picture from the ferry between Heysham and Isle of Man…

…and here we are at the paddock.

Today we are going to continue with optimizing the bike. And maybe have a beer in the sun. Or maybe just having the beer? Chris had his first race two days ago, and won! He will race today too, and visit us after that. It will be fun to see what he thinks of our green bike :-)

28 May 2010 13:05 It's time!!!

In a few minutes me, Lars and Bumblebee are leaving for a great adventure! We will drive in our new mobile home/garage to Calais and then take the boat to Dover. From there we will go through England, look at Big Ben if we have time, and then to Liverpool :-) Finally we'll take the boat to Isle of Man.